What does Home Automation define? Aesthetics or Utility?

What do you think about a case/cover of a mobile phone? Is it for aesthetics or utility? Of course, it will protect your smartphone from scratches and accidental drops but if selected well, it will also make your smartphone look clean and beautiful, that cover represents your personality and speaks your language.

Similarly, the purpose of home automation stands different for all. For some it is luxury and for some, it is a necessity. It depends on how well the integrator understands the need of the user and the place.

Home Automation, undoubtedly, augments abilities and functionality of the electronic gadgets of the house. And if integrated well, it justifies the architectural marvel executed by the architect and interior designers.

Let’s decode this through a real-life example…

Imagine a day when you reached late at home and want to watch cricket or movie on a big screen with friends or family, you start hunting for a controller of projector & audio system, then you went to the sofa but thought of turning on those lights which creates an ambience, then you get up, try and hit on switches. Now, comes the task of setting perfect room temperature but before that, hunting for AC’s remote control is a primary task. And at last, closing the shades to make the room more private or have a cosy feel is a need. After doing all these stuff, when you’re going to join them, you remember you have left your bathroom’s lights on and you go to turn them off.

Meanwhile, in these tasks, you’ve already missed some part of the movie/cricket. Your family/friends getting bored in the process adds up in turning your energy & excitement you had into ashes.

Now Imagine this same scene after getting automation for your house, the moment you unlock your door either via pin, face or fingerprint, sensor detects and turns on the light, or with the single press of a button on a customized engraved wired or wireless keypad or Smartphone, a perfect ambience having right lighting level, temperature level, & projector turned on.

(Oh Yes! forget about that light you have missed turning off in the bathroom, that’s never going to take place, It’s the beauty of automation)

Home Automation acts as a brain and beauty of your house!

Home Automation Aesthetics & Utility Blog by Avenir, Ahmedabad, India

The utility also comes where sustainability and energy savings come into the picture. Home Automation products can help you save up to 65% energy consumption, isn’t this more than anything?

Summing up, automation adds value to the architectural value, Interior designer’s work, augments the performance of all the electronic gadgets and makes life beautiful and brilliant.

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Splendid. Saves energy and helps to function smoothly.


Yes, Sustainability is the call of nature & Avenir truly believes that automation not only helps to make life convenient but also makes the planet healthier.


make it more crisp and attractive

Ashish Saini

Thanks a lot for taking out time to read and giving suggestion. Will surely try to incorporate the suggestions.


Home automation does save time as well as the energy and comfort the environment subsequently but should also target the mid-range-income people so that a nominal salaried person might also think to get his home automated.


Great post!

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