Automation Integrator is the one who understands your lifestyle, decodes the same, designs a solution and provides the most compatible solution along with its integration, demonstration & after sales support.

The moment you decide to construct a house, you can contact the integrator. It gives you an opportunity to plan your space and technology going inside. It gives flexibility to all the stakeholders to work and ultimately optimizes the process and investment.

There are plenty of Independent sources like reports, research papers and ranking sites for all the automation brands. Cedia & CEPro are few of them.

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CEDIA is a leading global authority, of which home automation integrators can be a part of by matching world class standards in terms of execution, sales, after sales services, documentation & all other operational activities in each segment.

Yes. You can get your existing house automated without making any changes. For the detailed plan you can contact any of our automation consultants.

It depends on various factors, but the most important ones are budget & scale of the project. To determine what is best for you, you are just one call away. Our consultant can help you out for the same in detail.

There are more than 15 segments in home automation with more than 15,000 products. As home automation can be personalized and customized. It also depends on the stage of the residence.

We totally understand you! Thus, we have various tools using which our consultants can help you understand that how and what at your place can be automated to develop an utility and aesthetic value out of it.

We work with brands which are globally ranked best in their segment. To name few of them, Lutron, Control4, Devialet, etc.

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