Why integrator matters?

Home Automation isn’t a destination but a process! This means it augments the lifestyle that you live right now with much more comfort, convenience, style and the best aesthetics one can get.

One can imagine how his/her house can be once there is someone else who follows your orders to execute those minute tasks at your house like switching off the lights, unfolding the curtains, etc. How many times things have not been executed in the best way or the way you expect it to happen. Exact scenes or the atmosphere that you want in your house has rarely been created!

So how to get that perfect scene for your home? Basically, there are two ways of doing it. But here we will mainly focus only on the decentralized way of doing it. The decentralized way of doing automation is making one head/brain of the house where every processing takes place. This is the most efficient way of getting a long-lasting, effective and the robust system of automation.

One can get started for automation by approaching the integrators and can ask for the best solution, the best integrator will always suggest you the best personalized and customized solution for your place. Automation depends on the scale of the house, requirements of people residing, people about to use the system, surroundings and much more. Ignorance of single aspect can cost you in terms of finance, a life of the product as well as its usage. As a user, we ignore the art part of the automation. Automation is not only about science but equally about art. Now you would be imagining how automation is also art?

To understand this, we need to look in our daily lives, we are not those sci-fi movie’s tech buffs where we need high tech gadgets, which aren’t just absurd looking but not at all easy to use. Automation not only add more utility to your interiors, but it also adds aesthetic value to your house. It allows your home to behave in a much more efficient, smart and easy way. Art of the house comes into the picture when integrator takes care of the architect’s and owner’s vision in the mind and blends it with the right technology to make things easy, convenient and of much more value.

So, to summarize this one can get started with home automation in a very simple way, finding a right integrator. A right integrator will help you to figure out your needs, will align the goals of all the stakeholders like an architect, interior designer, electrical consultant, etc. Alignment of goals makes the process easy and quick but for that, the most important part is beginning with the process. A well-known quote by Aristotle “Well begun is half done” becomes of utmost relevance and importance while going for Automation.

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