Who are Automation Integrators?

The Automation Industry which is expanding rapidly is divided into 3 major segments. All of which are equally important for you to understand so as to take a sound & informed decision.

Those are:
1. Manufacturers
2. Integrators
3. 3rd party component brands

All these 3 stakeholders need to be woven together in a way that their integration within themselves reflect the awe-inspiring output of automation in your home/office.

To achieve the same, one of the most important parts of the process are integrators. To make this easy to understand, let’s take an example:

Right now, you would be reading this blog either on your smartphone or on your laptop. There’s a logo of the brand on the body of your machine. The brand would be anyone out of Apple, Samsung, Dell, OnePlus, Google, etc.

What if I say, even though there are those logos embossed on the body of your machine, the majority of the components are not manufactured by them, in fact, they belong to some other brands. The majority of Smartphone camera lenses come from SONY, all android phone processors come from Qualcomm, the majority of the processors in your laptops are from Intel, the majority of GPU units are manufactured by Nvidia or AMD. Then you would imagine, if all these components are manufactured from different brands then what about that name/logo on your machine?

And thus, the majority of the magic lies in the hands of the integrators, these brands you see integrate all the systems in one line and make them talk the same and the best language, logically in the most effective & efficient way.

The very same approach is with automation integrators, there are various manufacturers like Lutron, which manufactures some of the world’s best products and then there comes the integrators who integrate those marvels in your house/office to bring the best out of it. Integrators also help to get 3rd party products to get in the system in the most efficient way. As we all know that there are multiple brands that specialize in one or the other segment and there comes the role of the integrator who can weave all these amazing products from amazing brands using one yarn, for you. Integrators acts a trustworthy bridge between all these stakeholders and ensures you of a perfect living that you have dreamt of.

“Strength & Art of the bridge defines the relationship of the viewer and the view”

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