Amidst the Pandemic, the way we live, the way we interact, the way we entertain ourselves…is changing drastically.

Group video calls have become new social gathering, Augmented Reality Tools have become new window shopping, Overtime at work has become Work From Home… and just like that, Home Theatres have become the new Cinema house.

An even surprising change has been observed when the big production banners coming to the OTT (Over-the-top) platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar and many more to release their upcoming movies.

It becomes inevitable to upgrade the way we entertain ourselves at Home where we will be spending most of our time in the coming days to remain safe & unharmed from the virus.

Let us help you in the best possible way to ease the tensions around, sit back & relax!

Consultancy, Design & Integration

Why do you need Consultancy?

There are multiple types of acoustic wall panels, minimum 4 different types of speakers, 3 types of projectors, different combinations of scenes to Automate the entire system, min. 3 types of voice assistants, multiple types of screens & smart TVs and lastly, endless brands providing all of the above!

We help you hand-pick the Best of all as per your interests, your lifestyle & your Budget!

Why do you need a Design & Integration Team?

As per the reputed global organisations like CEDIA, CEPro, LEED, WELL, etc., there are certain norms, conditions & regulations to be followed while designing & integrating a Home Theater with unique requirements & budgets. Following these norms, helps the end-user get a reliable, long term, sturdy & value-for-money system.

Teams who have participated in the training, discussions, webinars & passed the tests organised by these organisations and have become certified members are highly equipped to design & integrate an Experience you deserve!








Multi-Room Audio

Would you like to play your favorite playlist while you exercise, take a shower, eat breakfast, enjoy a cup of tea in the garden, and then work?

Let’s make that possible without you fetching your phone everywhere you go.

With Multi-Room Audio, a single song/playlist can be played in all the areas of your home, at the same time.

Let’s make it even better, how about your parents waking up to a soothing hymn, while you wake up to a motivational song, and your kid(s) wake up to their favourite poem, ALL AT THE SAME TIME?

With Multi-Room Audio, we can control all the speakers in the house with a single app on your phone. It can also be used by multiple users at the same time with ease.

Let us bring to you World’s best brands to make your favourite song sound even better!

A living room cum Home Theater

There’s your dining room adjoined at one side of your living room while a pooja room adjoined on the other. There’s a children’s playroom adjoined at one side while your study room on the other.

How can you enjoy a light-hearted movie or a thriller web series on your smart TV with some or the other distraction around you?

Let us help you be ‘in the moment’ when the murderer’s identity is revealed or when Gabbar says, “Ye haath mujhe de de, Thakur” for the 100th time.

Let us curate a Home Theatre system that can be easily set up in your Living/Family area with your Budget in mind.







Movie-Maniacs & Binge Watchers

There’s no Sci-Fi movie you’ve ever missed, there’s no episode of ‘Friends’ you haven’t watched for a 50th time, there’s no spoilers for you when Money Heist releases, there’s no OTT platform left where you don’t have an account…

Then a you deserve nothing less than a Dedicate Home Theater!

From the right type of acoustic, to the surround sound, to the perfect base, to the high-quality video, to a smooth network, let us bring to you best of all the worlds under a single hood.

We will consult, design & integrate For You to have an Experience like never before!

An ‘All-in-one’ Room

Wouldn’t it be a bliss when you can keep an eye on your toddler and enjoy your movie, simultaneously?

Or watching a football match with a bunch of friends along with the kids playing indoor games?

A Multi-Purpose area becomes a favourite spot for every family member in the house as each one can enjoy in their own way.

Let us customize an AV solution for You that complements all the other activities in the room, allowing you to spend quality time without any interruption.